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Trained in business education and marketing, Andres Quintana paired his love for optics and training to provide his guests with the ultimate optical experience. In 2006, Andres opened In Town Optical in Wake Forest. It was considered one of the very first high-end boutiques to bring fashion eyewear to the community.

The shop established a strong reputation in town by presenting the most fashion-forward eyewear combined with excellent customer service. We are continuously expanding our list of vendors to bring you the latest in the world of eyewear. We care about you, and your vision. We bring vision to eyewear!
Optician - iQ Eyewear
Owner: Andres Quintana

Located in Heritage next to Wake Forest Smiles the office of Dr. Jane Quintana.

Our address:
iQ Eyewear
1936 Heritage Branch Rd. Suite 200
Wake Forest, NC 27587
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iQ Eyewear
1936 Heritage Branch Road
Wake Forest, NC 27587
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