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Andres loves providing personalized service to offer the perfect eyewear for each individual person. 

Customize Your Eyewear!

Glasses Boutique in Wake Forest, NC
We offer high quality eyewear, while specializing in customer service.
Eyeglasses For Seniors!
  • We offer high quality eyewear, while specializing in customer service.
  • ​All patients deserve the eyewear that reflects their individual needs.

A Simple Plan for Stylish Frames that Include Lenses

If you’re a senior over age 63 and you wear eyeglasses, you’ve most likely discovered that Medicare doesn’t pay for frames or lenses, unless you’ve had cataract surgery.

Even then, your options for stylish glasses are non-existent or very limited.

You may also get solicitations to change your Medicare Plan Part B to include eyewear frames and lenses and maybe even gotten scammed to do so, only to learn it messed up the rest of your plan.
See and Be Seen!

We Bring Vision to Eyewear!

Trained in business education and marketing, Andres Quintana paired his love for optics and training to provide his guests with the ultimate optical experience.

In 2006, Andres opened In Town Optical in Wake Forest.

It was considered one of the very first high-end boutiques to bring fashion eyewear to the community.
The shop established a strong reputation in town by presenting the most fashion-forward eyewear combined with excellent customer service.

We are continuously expanding our list of vendors to bring you the latest in the world of eyewear.

We care about you, and your vision. We bring vision to eyewear!
Enjoy these iQ services and more...
  • ​Sunglasses
  • ​Children's Eyewear
  • ​​Accessories
  • ​​Polarized Lenses
  • ​​Progressive Lenses
  • ​​Exclusive Frames
QTIPS For selecting the best eyewear every year
  • ​Your eyewear is not just a necessity, it's a fashion accessory. Own it!
  • ​When choosing frames by Andres, choose shapes that balance your unique features.
  • ​​Look on the light side: when your prescription is high, select er smaller frames to avoid heavy lenses.
  • ​​Eyewear should match both your unique look and your personal lifestyle. Make sure your optician provides the correct combination of optics, material, and thickness for you.
  • ​​Stuff happens, so warranties matter. Ask the right questions and you'll always know what to expect when the unexpected occurs. clear pouch printed in white
  • ​​Bonus QTip: UV filtered lenses are a must! Ensure that UV coating is part of your new eyewear.

What's your Eyewear IQ?

Affordable Frames With Lenses Included

Eyeglasses for Senior Program Fees

Andres Quintana Cares for Seniors
Optician Andres Quintana of iQ Eyewear wants to offer an eyewear discount plan to seniors that keeps it simple, doesn’t mess with your existing Medicare plan and is affordable.

Early in his career as an optician, he worked with seniors and loved helping them find stylish frames and affordable lenses. He helped properly fit the eyewear and provided excellent customer service.

Now with his own retail eyewear store conveniently located in Wake Forest, Andres wants to help seniors get the frames and lenses they deserve at affordable prices.
We Love our Seniors!
Our new eyewear discount plan for seniors doesn’t mess up Medicare or your current vision plan.

Bring us your prescription and choose from more than 1000 styles of frames.

Seniors ages 63+ who buy frames from us will get single vision or bifocal lenses included. Or, for only $110, upgrade to progressive lenses.


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